Who are we and why are we here?

Hello World!

Introductions and pleasantries first:

Who am I?

I am Hannah R. Goodman (think of the “R” as my version of a Sasha Fierce), YA author of The Maddie Chronicles and represented by Erzsi Deak of Hen&ink Literary. I’m also a few other things:

  • Founder and editor of Sucker Literary Anthology
  • Writer of several not-yet-published NA, MG, and YA manuscripts
  • Literary Weeble Wobble (Because I weeble and wobble but don’t fall down. Not because I look like one : )

In addition to my writing life, I have a home and work life, both of which bring me great pleasure and stress relief from pursuing my life-long ambition to be a successful author (defining “successful” is for another blog post). For my day job, I am the owner and sole proprietor of The Write Touch, a writing coaching, tutoring, and editing boutique, and I’m finishing up coursework to become a licensed psychotherapist (certainly will enhance my writing copy!). My homestead is abundant with children, a spouse, cats, and fish.

Why This Blog? (Please “like” us on Facebook.)

The reason for this blog is purely selfish. I want to talk about my experiences trying to achieve my lifelong dream of being an author. I achieved it first by self-publishing, which was and has been an amazing experience and taught me way more than any formal education has. Yet, all the while, since I wrote my first book in sixth grade, I’ve dreamed of an editor at a publishing house saying “yes” to my work. I have not achieved that dream–yet.

I’ve been trying to sell my work to publishers for many, many years. I’ve tried on my own, with one agent, and now with another. The frustrations, the emotions, the small victories, and the discouraging failures are all part of my experience. I have spoken about them here and there on my own blog, but I’ve never fully discussed the impact that chasing my dream has had on me, personally, and my life.

Does that translate to a place to whine and complain? No way. This is where we/I share our/my experiences, our/my victories and our/my failures, and where we/I offer some perspective and advice to others who are on the climb, too.

More about moi

I used to believe that art could not exist with business and that my lot in the writing world would be indie, simply because it’s not in my blood to “write to market” or maybe a better way of saying it is “write to sale-ability”.  In the ten plus years of being in the “industry” as an indie/self-pub author and also having my toe in the mainstream world of publishing via an agent, I’ve come to understand that writing to market/sale-ability can come together with art, as long as the writer feels the core of their work is from their soul.

Where I am in my “writing career”, whatever that even means, is:

  • Taking a long break from publishing and editing Sucker Literary.
  • Editing a NA manuscript that my agent has said is my best writing yet.
  • Republishing the third book in the Maddie Chronicles.
  • Waiting to hear from a publisher about the only unpublished Maddie book.
  • Creating this blog and finally expressing my opinions and thoughts on being a long-term emerging author.
  • In my back pocket I have: a middle grade manuscript, another NA manuscript, and another brand new YA manuscript.

If you are interested in being a part of my new YA writing community and wish to be a contributor (I am looking for about 5 folks to be regulars and who are willing to spill their guts about their writing life.), please contact me at allthewayya@gmail.com

Follow me on twitter at @hannahrgoodman


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