Social Media Fatigue

Being active on social media has always been, ahem, challenging for me.

I’m supposed to embrace social media as one of the main ways to stay in touch with my readers, but honestly?

Social Media, I’m just not that into you.

I don’t want to tweet all day. Sometimes I don’t even want to tweet every few days. I suspect I’m not the only writer who feels this way, so…

Here’s the question: Can you create a social media presence even if you don’t really feel like it?

Full Disclosure

I don’t feel qualified to write this post. (There. I said it.)

I don’t have a million Twitter followers who hang on my every word. I don’t even have a regular blog right now. And Facebook and I have a relationship status of “it’s complicated” even on my best days.

I’m not a social-media maven, and every single day, I wonder if I’m doing it wrong. But here’s the thing…

There’s No “Right” Way to Do It

Yes, there are some guidelines. For example, we should try not to post any nude selfies unless our names start with a K and ends with an “-ardashian West” (and even then, proceed with caution).

If you’re an author on Twitter who wants to build a following, it’s in your best interest to try to post frequently. Maybe once a day?

I know, I know… Most people would say you should post way more than that. But we’re talking about building a social-media habit that works for you, not them.

Some people abhor hashtags while others absolutely swear by them. The kicker is, you’ll find people in both camps with thousands of followers. Like, seriously, WTF?

So, why not experiment with a few different approaches and see which ones make sense for you?

Decide Your Goals, Then Narrow Them Down

What do you want to accomplish with your social media presence?

Frankly, I’m still not sure what my Twitter account is supposed to “do.” Am I trying to connect with other writers? Or am I mainly trying to connect with my readers?

Let’s say that you already know you want to use your Twitter account to stay connected with readers. Cool!

Instead of overwhelming yourself with Must Do’s, pick two or three tasks that you could see yourself doing on a semi-daily basis.

That might mean tweeting something clever at least three times a day. It might also mean answering every single DM and @reply, no matter what. But then again, depending on the amount of time you’re prepared to spend, it could mean neither of those things.

It’s all about finding what works for you in the long run.

Let Yourself Forget About Status Updates

You guys, don’t go on social media and share a moment (no matter how awesomely awesome) if doing so would force you to stop enjoying said moment.

Last month, I went to Disney World… where I met FREAKING GASTON.

(Now, some of you may not understand how exciting this is, but if you’re a Disney fan, you know what I’m talking about.)

And dudes. It was magical.

Yes, I have a video of it. YES, I have tons of pictures. But I didn’t post them, because honestly? I knew it was going to distract me from just enjoying my vacation. As far as a social-media strategy, that was probably an #EpicFail. Think of all the new followers I would have gained if I had live-tweeted the whole encounter!

However, I’m comfortable with my decision because I’d rather have some kick-ass memories than a few new Hearts.

Right now, my Inner Critic is telling me that I should stop being such a baby and power through my social media weirdness. I want to be Real Writer, don’t I? Real Writers flipping *own  social media.

But the fact is, Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest of it still kind of freak me out. In the past, my solution for this has been to disappear from social media altogether, but lately, I’ve realized there might be other approaches.

So… What do you think, Awesome Authors? What are some ways that you manage to avoid social-media fatigue without completely dropping off the face of the digital landscape? I would absolutely love to know.

Please take a sec to share your tips in the comments section!



2 Comments on “Social Media Fatigue

  1. This is a great article! I also struggle through balancing social media and life, but I will suggest this. You took some great pictures with Gaston? Enjoy the experience. But, when you get back to your hotel, and you’re winding down for the night, take a second to share the fun you’ve had with your social media followers. They’ll appreciate it, and you won’t have to interrupt your life to do it. 🙂


    • I like where your head’s at, Justine! This is really something I need to get in the habit of doing: just finding a quick moment, every day or so, to share something cool that happened.

      Just because we CAN share something in the moment doesn’t mean we have to!


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